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Social Media Inspired Street Art | iHeart
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Social Media Inspired Street Art | iHeart

These social commentary-style pieces are the work of iHeart, a Vancouver street artist who is starting to be referred to as being in the same league as graffiti superstar Banksy. His work often contains references to modern phenomena such as the hashtag, autocorrect, or uses the concept of “a wall”, which nowadays is more easily associated with Facebook than construction. His work is intelligent and fun, as well as creative and well-executed. You can see all his work on his website.

SocialMediaStreetArt_feeldesain_01 SocialMediaStreetArt_feeldesain_02 SocialMediaStreetArt_feeldesain_03 SocialMediaStreetArt_feeldesain_04 SocialMediaStreetArt_feeldesain_05 SocialMediaStreetArt_feeldesain_06 SocialMediaStreetArt_feeldesain_07 SocialMediaStreetArt_feeldesain_08 SocialMediaStreetArt_feeldesain_09 SocialMediaStreetArt_feeldesain_10 SocialMediaStreetArt_feeldesain_11 SocialMediaStreetArt_feeldesain_12 SocialMediaStreetArt_feeldesain_13 SocialMediaStreetArt_feeldesain_14 SocialMediaStreetArt_feeldesain_15

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