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The penny structure | Collectionnées
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The penny structure | Collectionnées

Every spare penny you have in your pocket counts! This artist created a clear to be completed with coins. Beyond holding a round capital when completed (£5, £20, £100, …), this new intake on a money box will contain the souvenirs of a personal experience and challenge. Up to the owner to empty his urn, flowing back soulful coins to the market stream, or to keep it, enjoying the sweet sight of fruitful efforts. Brought into the context of charities, the Collectionnées transform a fundraising into an appealing artistic experience. So get involved and start yours!

 Images Credit:the Collectionnées

PennyStructure_FeelDesain_01 PennyStructure_FeelDesain_02 PennyStructure_FeelDesain_04 PennyStructure_FeelDesain_05 PennyStructure_FeelDesain_06 PennyStructure_FeelDesain_07 PennyStructure_FeelDesain_08 PennyStructure_FeelDesain_09 PennyStructure_FeelDesain_10 PennyStructure_FeelDesain_03

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