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The Monochrome Breakfast
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The Monochrome Breakfast

Monochrome Breakfast by Fabienne Plangger Focuses on Toxic Bread


The Monochrome Breakfast photo series can be taken at face value as a creative and colorful project that is strictly visually appealing. Yet there lies a greater purpose behind the photoshoot that goes beyond playfulness and imagination. One food stands as the odd one out in each of the Monochrome Breakfast photos, but it may not be easily discernible at first. That is because it has been dyed to resemble the natural colors of the other food items.

Created by graphic designer Fabienne Plangger in collaboration with David Reiner, Sebastian Hierner and Karin Stöckl, the Monochrome Breakfast series focuses on the toxic nature of bread. Plangger writes, “Dyed it’s suddenly no longer a delicious and appetizing foodstuff. By the unusual colors it visually tricks something toxic that we don’t want to eat any more–the bread loses its function as a staple food.





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