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The Mechanics of Black | Eleftheria Stamati
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The Mechanics of Black | Eleftheria Stamati

This collection of necklaces was designed by Greek visual artist, sculptor and jewellery designer Eleftheria Stamati. Fascinated by the Euclidian point, Eleftheria has created a whole series of geometrically inspired necklaces, named The Mechanics of Black. Her pieces are wearable but also sculptural and interesting to look at – check out the collection below or on the designer’s site.

Photo credits: Giorgos Vitsaropoulos


Geo_Jewels_feeldesain_01 Geo_Jewels_feeldesain_02 Geo_Jewels_feeldesain_03 Geo_Jewels_feeldesain_04 Geo_Jewels_feeldesain_05 Geo_Jewels_feeldesain_06 Geo_Jewels_feeldesain_07 Geo_Jewels_feeldesain_08 Geo_Jewels_feeldesain_09 Geo_Jewels_feeldesain_10 Geo_Jewels_feeldesain_11 Geo_Jewels_feeldesain_12 Geo_Jewels_feeldesain_13

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