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Villa P by Love Home Architecture
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Villa P by Love Home Architecture

The site – a relatively steep hill – offers a stunning view over Graz.
This panorama also provided the main guiding principle for the design.
One additional goal was to provide direct access to the garden. Due to the very steep slope, this goal actually worked contrary to the aim of maximizing the panoramic view.
The upper level, which is oriented completely towards the fantastic view, contains all of the living space, while the lower level houses the doctor’s office and adjoining rooms.
This layout provides a clear separation of living and working spaces, including separate entrances.
The upper level features two spacious terraces – one facing south and west, which provides an extension of the living room and the children’s rooms, and one facing north and east, which is an extension of the bedroom and bathroom and affords somewhat more privacy. A very broad external staircase with sitting steps connects the upper level and the garden, thereby joining the living space and the garden into an organic whole.
A pool is located in front of the building and connects to the carport. The pool and carport together provide a clear border between the property and the street, thereby increasing the privacy of the property.
Thus, a harmonious ensemble is created – a play of extrovert and introvert, of proximity and distance, which maximizes the strengths of the property, while simultaneously offering privacy.
Net Area: 200m²


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