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The best of Design Days Dubai 2015
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The best of Design Days Dubai 2015

Design Days Dubai 2015 came to an end on Friday, and if you visited us last week, you may have seen our live coverage of the event this year, which as always brought us the very best in creativity from all around the world. If you missed it, or if you’d just like to see what we liked best, we’ve chosen 5 of our favourite pieces from the 5 days of the festival to show you:


1. The first are these amazing lamps by Commonplace Studionamed Lumière and exhibited by Victor Hunt Designart Dealer. The pendant lamps incorporate projector technology, and are cleverly named not only after the French word for “light”, but also after the inventors of modern cinema. The lamps are lit up by the projection of moving images inside the glass bulbs, and are in a fantastic middle ground between lighting and entertainment. One bulb alone is already an impressive sight, but when you see lots of them together, it’s truly amazing.





2. Something else we found and absolutely loved was this table by Zaha Hadid, exhibited by David Gill Galleries. Named The Liquid Glacial Table, it really does seem to be made from water (although in reality, it’s clear acrylic!) and looks almost like it’s been frozen in time. Although it looks simple, the creation of the table obviously took a lot of detailed studying, as it looks perfectly liquid.






3. Onto something a little different: these bespoke falconry stands created for an amazing live performance at the fair. Posa by Italian designer Massimo Faion was exhibited by the Carwan Gallery and shows a modern side to the ancient tradition of falconry – popular in the Middle East – with stylish stands made from steam-bent beech and featuring brass bars and removable marble bases. The stands are not only functional but are sculptural features in their own right.




4. We also adored Nada DebsDistorted Arabesque chair, a piece especially made to have its debut at Design Days Dubai, where Debs has shown her work each year since it started. Debs showed a collection to mark 10 years as an international Middle East-based brand, and showed a synopsis of her iconic pieces and her evolution as a designer. The Distorted Arabesque chair is a beautiful homage to the designer’s Eastern roots and we loved the form and craftsmanship.





5. Finally, this installation shown by Gallery S Bensimon was beautiful, and clever too. Created by Japanese duo Hideki Yoshimoto and Yoshinaka Ono of tangent: studio, the installation, named INAHO (ear of rice in Japanese) looks like ears of rice moving in the wind. The installation is made up of LEDs in tubes on the end of carbon fibre stems, which distribute the light in order to seem like a paddy field, and movement sensors make the tips sway in the direction of passing people when they approach.

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