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Dots To Lines: geometric Tattoos
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Dots To Lines: geometric Tattoos

Berlin-based tattoo artist Chaim Machlev creates amazing geometric inkings from his studio, Dots to Lines. Machlev doesn’t do much, if any, traditional tattoo work, instead focusing on pieces which are more like the work of a digital artist. His work always plays with the flow of the body and shows great skill as in seemingly simple tattoos, imperfections are incredibly common and easy to see, but his tattoos always look flawless. His work is often on a fairly large scale, with many of his clients requesting pieces spreading over their whole torso or over both legs, but his tatts look like works of art rather than traditional inkings. Look at a selection of his work below, or follow the artist on Instagram for regular updates!

DotLines_feeldesain_02 DotLines_feeldesain_03 DotLines_feeldesain_04 DotLines_feeldesain_05 DotLines_feeldesain_06

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