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Anticipating needs, changes and developments in the market and in society, keeping abreast of trends: this has always been, ever since 1983, the year the first Superstudio opened, and then since 2000, the year of inauguration of the Superstudio Più exhibition center, the guideline for the choices and projects of these two extraordinary locations in zona Tortona, which have set in motion the transformation of the whole neighborhood, turning it into the district of fashion, design, and creativity.

Surprising and emotional in its impact, the MUSEUM area , turning on the theme “The world is here – The future is now”, is dominated by Melogranoblu’s tower of moving lights, which makes the most of materials, ever more important in redefining the very concept of design.


The location of Superstudio Più’s Temporary Museum and a few images of the exhibition.


During the “Fuorisalone Milan Design Week 2014” in Milan at the Temporary Museum for New Design, in the exhibition spaces SUPERSTUDIO GROUP will be awarded the third edition of CARBON FIBER DESIGN CONTEST – Material & 3DPrint, born from the idea of raising awareness of architects, designers and makers of using innovative technologies and materials. All participants are asked to conceive and design objects designed to be made with the new techniques of additive manufacturing and / or innovative materials such as carbon fiber.


NAUTILUS will feature the new ADAGIO chair in the section “Selected Objects”, a collective of new individual objects curated by the architect Giulio Cappellini. The ADAGIO chair project started with an invitation made by Casa da Música to develop a unique seat for one of its concert rooms. The chair’s seat is made in an organic form, manufactured 100% in polyester fabric, which confers it an incredible touch and the necessary comfort. The development of material used on the seat was the most challenging process of the project. NAUTILUS aimed to develop a strong but comfortable material, with good acoustic properties while maintaining its recyclability. This process took 2 years of research and tests. Additionally the chair has a stainless steel cantilever structure which gives extra flexibility and comfort.


“conic-vine”, an installation by Nendo, the award-winning Japanese design studio headed by architect Oki Sato, is a key feature of the Alcantara Kaleidoscope Fuorisalone event. Superstudio hosts an original material journey of discovery through Alcantara’s expressive universe. Fine layers of Alcantara are bonded by an unusual thermocompressing process to create romantic shapes which are tied to each other lengthwise to form, in Nendo’s vision, rows of climbing plants that are easily linked together. They form a screen of soft Alcantara, in an original textural pattern in shades of dove-grey and pastel, which exploits specific properties of the material to capture and enchant the viewer.


Designer Yair Neuman founded anythingby studio last year in Soho, London. Josiah Ceramic Speaker is the symbiosis between old and new industry – wireless audio streaming, interactive touch surfaces and Bluetooth tap pairing technology housed in ceramic casing. Each Josiah speaker is handcrafted by traditional artisans in the English potters’ capital of Stoke-on-Trent. Josiah has all you need to enjoy music in the bathroom, kitchen or study. It is not over-functional or over-complicated. Eight hours of playing time on the rechargeable battery frees Josiah from wires, and its Bluetooth receiver picks up the audio signal of your mobile device from a distance of up to fifteen metres. Yair Neuman collaborated with electronics experts and audio engineers to design a sound system that would best suit the material. Buttons and flashing lights, too common in wireless speakers, were replaced by touch sensors and soft notification tones. With the features of a state-of-the-art audio product and the characteristics of a classic artifact, we believe Josiah is truly unique.


Om is the only system that integrates Bluetooth and radio technology in order to design complete audio projects, overcoming distance problems and interference issues. The multiple customization possibilities (from custom colors to innovative sandstone finishes) expand the sensorial experience range, from sound to aesthetics, both in domestic and public environments.


Sylvie Maréchal has exhibited her latest creations for Beau & Bien at Milan Design Wekk 2014. Her ambition? Reinvent the French style, to enhance its value by combining lightness, poetry and technique, never forgetting the fundamentals. Pictured above you can find her works “Smoon Birds Looking Out” and “Wersailles” (Milan exclusivity).


BEBACK is a Designstudio/Lab. in the province of Monza e Brianza, founded by Gessica Mendilicchio in Nov. 2013, for all artists and clients sensitive to the issues of waste and dispersion of values related to the history of objects no longer considered useful or important. Everything has got a life and an affect value that often has represented precious moments of our life: for example chair, a lamp, objects popular or unknown, objects ruined or of low value could gain another value through a redesign. Every object will be born with the idea of recovery, to avoid a process of disposal and to avoid the overcharge of landfills, so new products can be reused by preserving additional materials. The object that is chosen will be redesigned but still keep some characteristic of his past. The collection will be characterized by unique operations that will allow us to remember and recognize unequivocally the object and his first function; but also give it more material value with the addition.

CABBdesign_feeldesain was founded in January 2013 after a year of meetings, ideas, thoughts and plans. CABB relies on a network of Italian laboratories and their involvement is an important point of the design. On the occasion of Temporary Museum for new design the area is divided in three functional and complementary zones, each one performing everyday needs: EAT, READ and SLEEP. In the EAT dedicated area, cubbo, our multipurpose table, shows its eating side. Made in
poplar multistratum this small table performs three functions in three different sides. In the READ dedicated area, Eileen, our round small table, shows its repetitive attitude; displayed in 10 different finishings, represents an unconventional library or a collection of design objects. In the SLEEP dedicated area, pouffi, our modular and comfortable seats, easy to combine in different settings, assure a quiet repose or a quick rest in any moment; inside expanded rubber and outside100% linen coated.


Crjos Design Milano is a design workshop, a young, creative and dynamic team that creates ideas in furnishing and accessories for residential and contract use. Also for this edition continues the collaboration with architect Rita Rijillo,
who was able to perfectly interpret the ideas and goals of Crjos Design Milano. Also in 2014 Crjos Design Milano wants to reconfirm his originality and his continuing search for future shapes of Design by presenting its new models at the Temporary Museum for New Design 2014: TOTEM stool, the line of chairs DI-SEGNO and the line ASSOLO and DUETTO.


Industrial designer Denise Hachinger presente her Chandelier LC1.0 at MDW2014. The lamp is a reinterpretation of a classic chandelier. To realize different lighting situations, the chandelier can be closed and opened. Closed, the light is focussed and the light diffuser elements are creating a lamp shade – open, the room gets illuminated. The impression of the lamp is sophisticated and constructional. The open assembling makes the construction visible and able to be experienced: a metamorphosis from a closed, statically, to an open, light and dynamic form. The option to equip the chandelier with lamp hangings enables a customized design and it is an ornamental element which creates historical references.


Developed from Milan studio Habits, digital habits gives rise to new habits and new ways to interact with objects. Digital Habits is an innovation platform where designers share with users their projects based on gestural interfaces. The projects are meant to be designed and implemented by the user who can download for free the files needed for the construction of each object, its electronic circuit, the software for control interfaces and sensors, the list of required components, the instruction manual for make it in a Fablab. Projects are licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC -SA. At Mlan Design Week 2014 were presented “DRAGON”, “OPEN MIRROR”, “CROMATICA”, “OSOUND” and “P.A.C.O.”.

FGF Industry_Blauer_feeldesain

In the Occasion of Milan Design Week 2014 Blauer USA presented its first design object: the lamp “Light”. Made by original and captivating shapes, Light was born by the creativity of Giuseppe D’Amore, managing director at FGF Industry, that came up to the product whilst looking at the shape of a Blauer Helmet.


GRILLO – Let’s bbq! Spontaneous decisions are the spice of life. GRILLO is a portable lightweight bbq which is ready to go when you are. Like an umbrella, it is set up with a single movement, providing a whole new level of versatility.
Designed by formAxiom: Mirko Bocek, Martin Oberhauser, Alain Brideson


The stars of French design in Milan. for the very first time, the Talents & Economy exhibition will provide a sweeping overview of the role that French industrial design plays across the entire economy. Above you can find a small selection: Blackbody, Fermob, Orange, Tabisso, Tolix, Ligne Roset and TSL Outdoor.


VIA Design 2014, presents: the Carte Blanche awarded to eliumstudio, the Furniture Programme, six Project Subsidies, and one Partnership Project. The exhibition displays 17 prototypes (tables, sofas, armchairs, consoles, lights, tablets, and fittings) designed by 13 up and coming designers sponsored by VIA. These prototypes fulfil all of VIA’s selection criteria such as the inclusion of new functions, innovative materials and experimental techniques, new industrial processes, and environmentally-friendly design. All of these 17 projects are currently seeking a backer.


Artist and designer Francesco Raimondi presents 3 artisan armchairs that are made in Italy, from series Frames. A mix of sculpture, furniture and architecture, the seats invite users to unleash their imagination in arranging their spaces like a personal and multifunctional painting, playfully pushing the boundaries of interior decoration.


GOOGY a rocking horse –  Googy is a rocking horse reinvented. Its main advantage is its appeal and safety of use for the most sensitive groups of users: children of all ages. For its innovative shape and functionality, Googy was awarded a Red Dot award for outstanding design in 2012. It was designed by Wilsonic Design studio, and is produced and sold by Novak Living Design, both of Ljubljana, Slovenia.


A concept created by the communication and design Agency “Io Abito Bio”, in collaboration with Vastu Architecture & Design Studio, “Green Village” presents and brings together for the first time a group of companies that make innovation and environmental sustainability the main goal of their creations and offering. “Green Village” is divided into seven thematic areas, whose general layout depicts the shape of the “Flower of Life”. Specifically, the sections are the following: Home (dedicated to home and living), Food (new concepts of kitchen spaces and healthy cooking), Kids (children’s rooms and activities for kids), Well-being (dedicated to physical and mental well-being), Sustainable Mobility, Alternative Energy, Conscious Tourism.


IVANKA was established in 2002 by Andras and Katalin Ivanka. Their work is based on the versatile nature of CONCRETE – main material chosen for creative expression through discovering unexplored attributes. With its material structure and the freedom of casting, concrete offers endless possibilities in product development: architecture, interior & object design or fashion. IVANKA’s product portfolio ranges between cladding and covering solutions, furniture and fashion collection.


“Apartheid – tribute to Nelson Mandela” is the new artistic project of Lacrime d’Arte. It’s a lamp made from a giant wooden chain that, broken in different parts, from symbol of oppression becomes source of light and metaphor of freedom. “Attesa” is the opera of Valentina and Riccardo Sartori, inspired by maternity. Two great round shapes leap in the space with astonishing lightness: symmetric but antithetical, they protect two marble spheres that look like slipping down the seatback. Looking at the laterally, the observer has the sensation that the balls have been immobilized during their drop, like stuck in a dimension were time is suspended. Sartori’s opera “Attesa” is talking about this and wants to describe a circumstance between a forecast event and its happening.


The brand Maison 203, composed by the international couple Orlando Fernandez Flores e Lucia De Conti, introduces in 2012 its first line of products made through 3d printing: MYBF (My Best Friend) Collection. 3D LAB COLLECTION is produced by 3d printing firm Sharebot. The used material is 100% PLA, bio-plastic from recyclable cornflour. All the accessories of the collection can be personalized choosing from 18 different colour palettes.


The exhibition pathway designed by Massimo Crema and Ermanno Rocchi unfolds to reveal the four scenographies of light, each an independent entity, each representing the different forces that energize the space with a brilliant and scenographic light.

METROCUADRO Design_feeldesain

Shiro is the Japanese word for “white”. But Shiro also means “samurai” in Japanese culture. Shiro is the word for anything pure, simply and lovely, but also indicates someone faithful and with a strong personality. Shiro collection, designed by ACT studio (Fabrizio Tozzoli & Eliana Salazar), includes some complements (a table lamp, a suspension lamp, a bookshelf and soon also dining and coffee tables) which look easy, light, minimalist and, of course, white, but hide other more complex and surprising qualities.


OYON’, the first mural fruit holder by Michaël BIHAIN. Oyon’s modules and endless extensions allow us to turn our walls into screens where our fruit and vegetables become pixels. It offers a different way to rediscover the colours of fruit and our own creativity.


180 Degree: This Brand concept is “Turnaround 180 degree, return to origin.” The bicycle standard structure is born in 19’ century, the diamond steel frame’s history is more than 100 years. The bicycle use chromoly steel diamond frame also popular today. And now, back to the golden age of chromoly creating a new modern vintage bicycle. 180 Degree is not a bicycle but also an artwork. It has flashback of memorable bicycle structure but also made by modern high quality production. MINDBIKE – This bicycle has been created based on a brand-new concept. The whole body is assembled only with bolts due to its aluminum extrusion frame having joint structures. Changing frame-length facilitates assembling of bikes for adults or kids. It is like system furniture. –


Nikari Oy, founded in 1967, is a manufacturer of sustainable wood design products of exquisite quality. At Milan Design Week 2014 the firm presented new products by Jasper Morrison, Wataru Kumano and their creative director Jenni Roininen – naturally together with other Nikari wood designs by Alfredo Häberli and Kari Virtanen, among others.

Officina Metallica

Officina Metallica is fueled by passion capable of preserving the authenticity of it’s time. They use ancient materials, recalling the values of a time by subtracting the object to the series, making it just unique.

ONE OFF mosaico

3D COMPOSITE is an entrepreneur initiative in sectors such as creativity and technology for domestic and territorial usage. The mosaic produced is adaptable to every shape and size and can be used on any type of surface leaving space to creativity.


Tecno natura: the video-cameras turn into companion animals – for a new security concept. Ironic and technological. The animals of parson subvert the idea of video surveillance.

People of the Sun_feeldesain

People of the Sun blends social, commercial and design values to help artisans in Malawi preserve their cultural heritage and lift themselves out of poverty through trade. The aim is through producing a range of handcrafted furniture and home goods, the artisans will become self-sustainable. The Blantyre Jar is the collaboration of three different micro-enterprises: Zochita Zambiri, who cut discarded wine bottles into jars by hand with a rope; Magobo who make the individually-fitted lids out of mahogany hardwood turned on a lathe; Warm Hearts who make the packaging out of recycled cardboard and paper collected from supermarkets, offices and schools. Basket-weaving in Malawi is still practiced in rural areas, where materials are readily available. Baskets can still be seen in day-to-day activities. Their functions, forms and techniques remain virtually unchanged.


The Double Room concept, developed by Grupo Porcelanosa in collaboration with the architect, writer and multidisciplinary speaker Fortunato D’amico for this “temporary museum”, will count with two worldwide well-known architects. The Turin renowned architect and landscapist Benedetto Camerana has designed the night area of this contemporary apartment while the modern living room is a work from the architect Hembert Peñaranda, internationally famous for his projects all around the world. Both spaces will be equipped with Grupo Porcelanosa products, which offers from wall and floor ceramic tiles or natural products, to full equipped kitchens and bathrooms, as well as advanced systems and technologies for nowadays architecture.

Product Design Madrid_feeldesain

PDM presents the products of the 10 winning designers of the PDM2 Awards. These designers represent the best of the current Spanish production: Antonio Serrano, with dresser and stool from the Livingblock series; Noviembre Estudio, winner of the Delta Award 2013, with the Cret-Cret table; Erick Valdivieso, with his Cupisnique bottle; María José Gutiérrez with Chandelier; Jorge Penadés, presenting Nomadic Series; Paul Manriq, with his lamps from Mimo collection; Irene Gaumé, bringing her Tipi; María Perales, with dresser from Plug-in series; Alejandro Tapias, with Calcantita bowls, and Mimétrica, with Ddiddo.


Qui est Paul ? (who is Paul ?) is a French contemporary design brand. This quirky name stands for a comprehensive and varied collection of contemporary furniture and accessories for outdoor and indoor. Their rotation moulded plastic furniture is produced by skilled workforce at a factory in Ruffec (in the French Charente region well known for its Cognac). The products are a fusion between technical know how and the creativity of designers. The combination between fresh and contemporary colours (we can even do bespoke Pantones) and organic, ergonomic shapes produces attractive pieces that have won many design accolades.

Rex Kralj

Niko Kralj, born in 1920 in Slovenia is without doubt one of the most important designers of the last century. In the 1950s to 70s, Kralj was one of the best industrial designers and his designs have developed into icons of the post-war period, especially since the Rex Lounge was added to the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. During the Temporary Museum for New Design 2014 Rex Kralj has introduced several new products and variations of the existing models. Shell models will get textile finish, removable felt cushion, brushed stainless legs, the introduction of a completely new Dining Chair 1960, new dining table from Stoll CC as a bar Stool version, a Mosquito variation with aluminum legs and few more things. Present meets the past.


RI_USO, born in the Alcar Italia labs from an idea of Bruna Taurino (Project Manager) and Giovanni Lamorgese (Concept Designer) following a new sustainable industrial design concept, presents “nomad RI_USO” for the Temporary Museum for New Design at the Milan design week 2014. A contemporary installation with essential lines and a soft, light design that envelopes the space making it brighter. Carpets and curtains symbolizing nomadism along with its itinerant constant changeable nature, modify the whole awareness of the location, transforming its real sense and form. “Mutamenti” lights and all RI_USO’s objects have their own “conceptual essence” which generates a movement of time and space that alters the meaning and use of the materials, the sign of a metamorphosis that tells a unique story.


Some sculptures presented by SlideArt in the artistic hallways of the museum, are from designers of International fame, such as: Twist by Karim Rashid, Amore by Javier Mariscal, and Kryste by Daniele Basso, and among the artist Carré 3 by Jean Claude Farhi, Rosa dei Venti by Giuseppe Spagnulo, and Generazione by Eun-Sun Park.

LaZenArt by Laura Zeni_feeldesain

The new line of LaZenArt by Laura Zeni. The placemat is made in 6 versions which have the “Testa/Head” as subject: container of ideas, experiences and dreams, it belongs to the characteristic features of the artistic vision of Laura Zeni.
The “Teste/Heads”, here represented, express a real need for relationships and they give voice to the simple and straightforward message io mangio con la testa/I eat with my head, an invitation to a balanced diet which has always been one of the themes of Laura Zeni, akin to the key issues of Milan Expo 2015 (to eat, to feed, energy for oneself and for the planet).


Henzel Studio is pleased to announce a site-specific display at the Temporary Museum for New Design. The display, part of the program’s Iconic Design / Selected Objects, showcases two rugs from Henzel Studio’s signature Diamond Dust / Nordic Raw collection, and also serve as a worldwide exclusive debut of the highly anticipated Henzel Studio Collaborations, an exclusive and ongoing initiative of art rugs designed in collaboration with leading contemporary artists. Henzel Sudio is a Swedish luxury rug manufacturer established in 1999. Henzel Studio’s ethos is based on the artistic practice of Calle Henzel, founder and Creative Director.


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