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Studio Morison present the new pavillon: “Look! Look! Look!”
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Studio Morison present the new pavillon: “Look! Look! Look!”

Studio Morison has unvailed “Look! Look! Look!” a pink sculptural pavillon at the National Trust’s Historic Berrington Hall in Herefordshire.

Taking center stage within the garden of the Georgian mansion, the piece aims to highlight the work of landscape designer Capability Brown.

Indeed, they spend more than a year researching Berrington’s Georgian history and the significance of the walled garden which would have been used as a symbol of the family’s wealth, cultivation and contemporariness. The resulting work tries to reconnect with some of the fundamental ideas, themes and activities that were present in the Georgian garden, to trace them out to wider Georgian life, and specifically back to Berrington Hall and the National Trust’s collection.

Photography by Morison

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