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Studio Klass’ Stool Inspired By Sled
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Studio Klass’ Stool Inspired By Sled

Milan-based Studio Klass designed for Italian brand Cantarutti curved wooden stool inspired by traditional sled. This new product called Sprint was unveiled at the international trade fair Orgatec 2018 in Cologne, Germany.

Traditional sleds are usually made in curved wood in order to give more strength and dynamism. Sprint is a contemporary stool designed in order to reconsider the structure of this kind of object.

The archetypal four legs stool combine two frontal legs and an arch-shaped element at the back, reducing the structure to the essential to remain both light and strong. The main concept is developed into a stool collection made with a solid-wood structure joined with a curved plywood and upholstered seat.

In 2009 Marco Maturo and Alessio Roscini founded Studio Klass, an industrial design agency based in Milano. The studio operates in several areas, from furniture to product design and, over the years, has worked with Italian and international well-known companies.

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