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Selek x Rubberband developed an adaptable desktop organizer
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Selek x Rubberband developed an adaptable desktop organizer

Selek x Rubberband developed an adaptable desktop organizer. The Dial Tray is a desktop organizer that easily adapts to your own needs: a simple analog dial rests in the center allowing the user to rotate it to house different sized objects. Whether you’re looking for a tray to hold your pens or one to house your sticky notes, the Dial Tray can do both. The tray makes a great long-term solution to your desktop organization game.

The products that we use everyday at our desks come in varying shapes and sizes, demanding different means to tidy them up. It adapts itself according to the objects of different geometries that are put on it. The appropriation of the analog dial feature is intended to provide a satisfactory interaction with the object while giving a better order to the elements that it contains.

Erdem Selek and Hale Selek established their Oregon-based product design atelier Selek Design, in January 2016. The atelier focuses on designing everyday objects that are inspired by ordinary intuitive behaviors in the daily lives. For Selek Design, a product should be as pure and simple as water that does not leave any scent or taste behind. Their products aim to have a silent character that go unnoticed.

Erdem and Hale graduated in Industrial Design from Middle East Technical University in 2004. After graduation, they continued their postgraduate studies at Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Reims and Istanbul Technical University where they received their MSc degree in Industrial Design in 2008.

The early years of their professional design career was shaped by the industry experience of different sectors and the international design experience they gained in Turkey, France and Germany.

The purest form of sharing their passion for design is teaching. From 2008 to 2012, they were lecturers of industrial design at Massey University, in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2013, they moved to United States and continued teaching design at Iowa State University. They joined University of Oregon’s, Product Design department in 2015.

Photography by Selek Design

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