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Stone Creek Camp
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Stone Creek Camp

Austin-based architecture and design studio Andersson Wise has completed the Stone Creek Camp project in 2008.

Built in in Bigfork, Montana, Stone Creek Camp is situated on the flanks of a long hill, leading visitors into a gradual discovery of the site.

Two gatehouse buildings announce claim to the property; a pebble and earth path leads down the hill to the master house, lodge, and guest house.

Stone Creek Camp by Andersson Wise:

“This remote Montana Camp is situated along a sloping hill, leading visitors to discover the site progressively. From the gatehouses, a path leads down the hill to the master house, main lodge, and guesthouse. The buildings offer warm, almost cave-like spaces as well as expansive porches, open to the views and sunlight. Small windows and thick walls facing into the slope of the site are contrasted with entire walls that open up towards the lake.

Inhabitants may choose to be outdoors while inside by sliding open walls or moving outside to spaces that are more civilized than the outlying wilderness. Similarly, with each bedroom’s separate screened-in space, it is always possible to sleep in nature and yet still be secure within the building.

The materials and textures of these buildings connect them to the site. The effect is paradoxical: despite their size, the camp’s large structures seem to emerge from the rock, wood, and grasses that surround them. Like the lake, they feel as if they have been – and will be – here forever.”


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