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Put a XMAS Note under the tree!
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Have you made Christmas gifts? If the answer is “no” here’s a creative solution for you: Put a XMAS Note under the tree!

To help you warm relationships with friends and good wishers A Note To Note project creates a funny and original gesture to avoid the Christmas useless sweaters. Basically all you have to do is to choose a song and the receiver and the customized postcard will be sent directly to your beloved ones.

Take a look at some examples below:

Once the postcard arrived, the receiver will be able to access to the customized web page where he/she can discover the song you have chosen for him / her!

But…how much it costs? A Note to Note asks only the refund of the purchase of the stamp, equal to € 1.10.

How the postcards will actually look like?

Xmas Note


#aNoteToNote is a music sharing experiment. It started in 2016 as an online and offline project: every day a song would be recommended on social media and then printed on 10 cards. The “Notes” would be then disseminated in the three cities as a test: Milan, Como and Turin. A Note To Note is now working on social media exploring music world through daily songs suggestions and collaborating with weekly Ambassadors, helping to make A Note To Note a truly shared music project.

Every day you can access to A Note To Note’s music suggestions through their social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and a playlist on Spotify different every month.

Discover XMAS Note and send immediately your customized postcard: press here!

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