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NYC Metrocard redesign | Melanie Chernock
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NYC Metrocard redesign | Melanie Chernock

New York-based School of Visual Arts graphics design student Melanie Chernock has given the iconic NYC Metrocard a makeover—in fact, more than 20 redesigns.
Even though the current MetroCard design has been around for years, it could use a little updating,” says Chernock.
The card gets so much exposure and should be something thoughtfully designed.”
Chernock’s redesigns feature custom typography and reflect New York’s cultural and culinary diversity.
Her cards, which use food like pasta, pretzel and raw meat were made entirely by hand!

“The Meatpacking District card was pretty gross to make. I kind of regretted it after I started and felt a little crazy, but I think it was worth it in the end.” 

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