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StickS-it | Famous design chairs vinyl adhesives
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StickS-it | Famous design chairs vinyl adhesives

StickS-it is a collection of black vinyl adhesives, representing the silhouettes of famous design chairs, real size, usable on walls or any other smooth surface.

StickS-it gives life to a smart, fun and democratic decoration for all the lovers of good design, by creating chairs that are at the same time famous and low-cost.

StickS-it solves the space-problems cosed by the modern way of living, combining in one bidimensional element both a seat and a bookcase.

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StickS-it ponti_still_life_1-feeldesain

feeldesain mackintosh_ambient_feeldesain2

StickS-it mackintosh_still_life_1-feeldesain

StickS-itparticolare_1 feeldesain

StickS-it eames_still_life_1-feeldesain

StickS-it pack_1 feeldesain

StickS-it pack_2 feeldesain

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