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Snooze | The iPhone Alarm Dock
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Snooze | The iPhone Alarm Dock

You might not be a morning person, but you can’t escape the fact that your job begins at seven-thirty in the morning. Rather than be a grouch about it, why not take out your frustrations on your alarm clock instead? If you’re thinking about doing that, then I’ve got just the alarm for you.


Appropriately called the Snooze, this alarm clock has probably got the largest snooze button I’ve ever seen. It works with your iPhone 4 or 4S, so this is only for grouches who own either one of these devices. It also doubles as a dock for your phone, so you can charge it overnight while using it as an alarm clock.

Snooze Kickstarter

No worries about slamming the snooze button on this thing, because it’s made of rubber so it just flexes when you hit it.

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