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The Long Distance Watch
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The Long Distance Watch

A Watch That Syncs You With Your Long-Distance Lover

For those in long-distance relationships, this nifty watch that displays the time of two different timezones should come in handy.
The ‘Long Distance Watch’ is a sleek, elegant timepiece that features two clocks in one face, one telling the wearer’s time and the other showing the timezone of the wearer’s paramour. It is designed by Hong Kong-based studio Kitmen Keung.
Kitmen Keung says it was inspired by “human’s perceptions about contrast and distance”, and how long-distance relationships tend to slip our minds amid our busy, fast-paced lives.
The watch is also a reminder of the geographical distance that separates two people; one person may be waking up while the other may be preparing to go to bed.
It is a follow-up of the clock Kimen Keung designed in 2009. For the watch, one clock is created in black and other in gray to prevent confusion.

The ‘Long Distance Watch’ costs US$480 and can be purchased here.








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