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Smart Bed | OHEA
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Smart Bed | OHEA

Spanish furniture maker OHEA has designed the world’s first automated bed that makes itself after the occupant has gotten out of bed—saving us the trouble of having to make the bed every morning. Dubbed the ‘Smart Bed’, it comes equipped with a device that straightens the bedding automatically and a pair of mechanical arms that pulls the pillows to the head of bed and straightens them as well.

It even comes with an in-built safety feature that prevents the device from activating when there is a person still in bed. The Smart Bed offers two settings—manual and automatic, with the latter being able to detect the occupancy of the bed—making itself up after three seconds if it detects the bed has zero occupancy.

According to OHEA, the bed only takes 50 seconds to make itself. Is this the bed of the future?

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