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Small Talk Vineyards | Laurie Millotte
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Small Talk Vineyards | Laurie Millotte

Laurie Millotte is a very international creative director (she studied in France, worked in Canada, Norway and Germany, and then moved to Vietnam) and she’s behind this amusing rebranding project. Stonechurch Vineyards was a struggling wine company in Canada, which had problems getting noticed and was threatened by bankruptcy. Millotte worked on transforming Stonechurch into Small Talk Vineyards, and decided to focus on occasions when wine is drunk, playing with the idea of what we say vs. what we think. The colourful bottles feature beautiful typography – on the front label are various small talk phrases, while on the back you can find a cheeky idea of what we sometimes really mean when we say those things. Millotte also played with this same concept on the Small Talk Vineyards site, and the result was incredibly successful for the company, which is now a must-see on vineyard tours in the area.

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