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Shadow Wi-Fi | Happiness Brussells
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Shadow Wi-Fi | Happiness Brussells

In an effort to help prevent skin cancer, the Playa Agua Dulce beach in Peru, in association with the Peruvian Liga Contra el Cáncer (League Against Cancer), has launched an ingenious initiative which is expected to also be adopted in other beaches across the world soon. The beach offers Wi-Fi to over 250 visitors at a time…but only while they’re sitting in the shade.


The non-profit Shadow Wi-Fi system was developed by Happiness Brussells, and is composed of a huge, blue structure which shades a part of the beach and also contains a directional antenna helped by a sensor tracking the movements of the sun, meaning internet connection is only ever delivered to the shaded area, and beachgoers must move into the shade if they want to remain connected. Data is also collected about how long people are spending connected to the internet and therefore in the shade, which can then be used in skin cancer research. Best of all, people are given an incentive to get out of the sun’s harmful rays, and this could potentially reduce the risks of a very dangerous condition.


Who knows, perhaps Shadow Wi-Fi will be coming soon to a beach near you.

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