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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 1: The UK
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 1: The UK

To celebrate the 140+ countries exhibiting at the 2015 Milan Expo, we’ll be bringing you a pavilion every day, so that you can explore the gigantic fair even if you can’t make it to Italy to see it live. Today we’re starting with pavilion number one: The UK, incidentally one of the first pavilions to be finished (in true British style).


The United Kingdom’s participation theme is Grown in Britain and Northern Ireland and the site is composed of various areas; the orchard, the meadow, the terrace, the architectural program, and the most impressive element: the hive. This structure was inspired by the essential role of bees in the global ecosystem, and designed by English artist Wolfgang Buttress. The hive offers an immersive sensory experience, featuring audio-visual technology which allows it to buzz and glow like a real hive, and these effects even mimic the movements inside an existing beehive back in Great Britain. The 14-metre lattice structure, made up of literally thousands of pieces of aluminium and steel was constructed by Stage One and Rise. Through their pavilion and surrounding site, the UK aims to stimulate discussion and raise global awareness about the impact of food production and consumption around the world and about the food choices of individuals and whole nations, by showing off new achievements and innovations at every stage of the food chain.


See a selection of images of the UK’s pavilion below, and we’ll be back tomorrow with Pavilion #2…

ukpavilion_expo_feeldesain_01 ukpavilion_expo_feeldesain_02 ukpavilion_expo_feeldesain_03 View of Meadow ukpavilion_expo_feeldesain_05 ukpavilion_expo_feeldesain_06 ukpavilion_expo_feeldesain_07 ukpavilion_expo_feeldesain_08 ukpavilion_expo_feeldesain_09 ukpavilion_expo_feeldesain_10 ukpavilion_expo_feeldesain_11 ukpavilion_expo_feeldesain_12 ukpavilion_expo_feeldesain_13

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