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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 21: Germany
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 21: Germany

The German pavilion at Expo uses the theme of “Fields of Ideas”, something even reflected in the architecture of the structure. The building takes the form of a gently rising landscape, using stylised plans to represent seedlings which grow into a canopy of leaves, connecting all the spaces. There are two possible routes through the pavilion – the wandering path for a relaxing experience, or the more intense path which involves the exhibition below the park-like space, where visitors can learn and be curious. The interactive pavilion allows visitors to navigate the exhibits and make their own mark, too, for example in the “Be(e) Active” show at the end of the trail, where they experience the German world of nutrition from the perspective of flying bees. The impressive pavilion was the work of The Schmidhuber architectural office, Milla & Partner, and Nussli.

ExpoGermany_feeldesain_01 ExpoGermany_feeldesain_02 ExpoGermany_feeldesain_03 ExpoGermany_feeldesain_04 ExpoGermany_feeldesain_05 ExpoGermany_feeldesain_06 ExpoGermany_feeldesain_07 ExpoGermany_feeldesain_08 ExpoGermany_feeldesain_09 ExpoGermany_feeldesain_10 ExpoGermany_feeldesain_11 ExpoGermany_feeldesain_12

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