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SELECTED 2016 | Designmonat Graz
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SELECTED 2016 | Designmonat Graz


The biggest design exhibition in Austria in the eld of product and interior design represents a highlight within Designmonat Graz.

It gathers 47 top-level pieces of work from Europe, Japan, and the USA at designHalle. The title of this year’s selection is ‘Walk the Line of Design!’.
The designSUPERMARKET provides the opportunity to purchase the exhibited design items.

Like a thread running through Designmonat Graz, SELECTED represents a success story. This year, with ‘Walk the Line of Design!’, the organizers feature an aligned exhibition of international work in the eld of product and interior design. Already for the h time SELECTED collects the currently most interesting design positions of innovative labels and newcomers in Graz. Among the 47 studios – most of them highly discussed and awarded – for the rst time there are representatives from Japan and the USA. ‘The selection was di cult – as always. The scene is extremely energetic and active. As soon as you had cho- sen a selection, there were other exciting works coming up’, explains Alexa Holzer, who curated SELECTED on behalf of Creative Industries Styria. The linking element of this year is the straightness of creations that are very much against the grain. The scenography and concept of SELECTED come from the Viennese design agency Vandayse.

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