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Scatto Fisso Forgood | Biascagne Cicli
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Scatto Fisso Forgood | Biascagne Cicli

Every year since 2010 italian crafters known as Biascagne Cicli create a beautiful and special bike to be sold on their website. They call it Scatto Fisso Forgood. It’s beautiful because the framework is hand painted by an italian artist. It’s special because 100% of revenue will sustain a good cause: children’s disease scientific and medical researches.


This 5th edition is dedicated to Duchenne Parent Project, which helps to develop solutions for children and families affected by Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy. The latter is an auto immune disease that appears around the age of 2, till the age of 6, and progressively destroys muscular cells. One at a time all the cells are killed, also affecting breathing and cardiac muscles.


The artist chosen for this year’s bicycle is italian painter and sculptor Giovanni Motta, which dedicated lots of hours in hand painting our beautiful framework. For a full description of how the little painted monsters were inspired you can read the full description here.


Discover how to make this bike yours but.. hurry! There’s only ONE!

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