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Saudi Design Week 2017
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Saudi Design Week 2017

From October 5-8, 2017, Saudi Design Week returns to transform Saudi Arabia’s capital of Riyadh into a dynamic and interactive design platform.

Oasis Magazine and the Saudi Design Week team are launching their fourth annual design event devoted to exhibiting innovative product design and supporting national and international designers. It brings the masters in the creative industries together with emerging talents, giving them a communal space to share in their common passion as one community.

This year’s theme explores the concept of “Design in Motion”. Designers will study that sense of motion figuratively by showcasing the stories behind their products as they move from sketch to shelf, or seek a more literal understanding by exploring the intersection of design and sports, and even motion in design through multiple dimensions such as time.

Considered to be Saudi Arabia’s first design festival, SDW features curated exhibitions, workshops, dedicated design forum and market and related activities, making this the place to be to discuss, debate and delight in great design.


Saudi Design Week is a fair for design in all its various mediums. The fair’s program is divided into curated exhibitions, workshops, a design forum, design market and several activities all taking place within the context of design. Temporarily transforming the Kingdom’s capital of Riyadh into a dynamic platform to discuss, judge, and admire good design.



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