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Saratoga House | Morodo
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Saratoga House | Morodo

Saratoga House arises from the remodeling of a house designed by Antonio Attolini, renowned Mexican architect, who was influenced by the School of Luis Barragán.
There was a purpose to achieve an innovative and contemporary project, based on customer needs, but without losing the essence and character of the house.
The heart of the project is the central patio, which is viewed from every single corner of the house, which is why, by changing the aluminum works with new ones, the inside and outside were integrated. Respecting the surroundings, the topography was taken in advantage, distinguishing the different areas of the patio with changes of level, flower beds and landscape. A counter bar, born in the garden, was created at the center of the patio, encouraging gatherings in this main area, and it is highlighted with the color of the house, red.
A combination of the original materials and the new ones was created in the inside, thus preserving the characteristic finish of the walls in the house and harmonizing it with neutral materials such as white cedar wood and Carrara marble.
Thanks to the materials and the house design, a focus is created in the inner courtyard.

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