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Rimino Concept Phone
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Rimino Concept Phone

the ‘rimino concept phone, developed by iranian-born, sweden-based designer amid moradganjeh, extends the trope
of human-centered design throughout both its interface and operating mechanisms. operation is highly gestural
and context-dependent; workflow is based on ‘goals’ and elements rather than apps; and the device is given a stylized feel
with screen graphics influenced by scandinavian and poster design.

Rimino, a project by Amid Moradganjeh from the Umeå Institute of Design at Umeå University in Sweden, is a look at what mobile phones might become in the future.

Project Rimino redefines mobile experience through human factors research and design thinking. Informed by human experience, the project is guided by both observational and experimental design research methods. The Rimino concept is an E-paper mobile device with a user interface inspired by print posters. Historically, as technology has progressed, devices have become more conspicuous. Rimino challenges this trend and presents the alternative: technology that is more integrated and more sensitive to the human experience.

Read through the detailed concept document here.




Rimino – A Human Touch on Mobile Experience from Amid Moradganjeh on Vimeo.

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