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Remnants is a series about recollection and remembrance. Each ‘remnant’ in the series is composed of three found photos–each from a different point in the subject’s life–that have been cut into strips and woven together to form a portrait of a person who has passed away. Remnants uses cloth as a metaphor for memory. As Peter Stallybrass writes in Worn Worlds, “The magic of cloth is that it receives us: receives our smells, our sweat, our shape even.” This is one of the marvels of memory as well: we perceive each moment in our lives; these are eventually woven together to form our memory. Each piece in this series creates a likeness of an individual that–rather than depicting an accurate visual representation of that person at any given time–presents a recollected coalescence of that person’s appearances throughout his or her life.

  • Remnants: Mona
  • Remnants: David
  • Remnants: Betty
  • Remnants: Tom
  • Remnants: Eleanor
  • Remnants: Cora
  • Remnants: Clara
  • Remnants: Herbert
  • Remnants: Ella
  • Remnants: Jimmy
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