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Real-Life Superhero – Fire Man
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Real-Life Superhero – Fire Man

Come a little closer. For the ten year anniversary of 9/11, London based artist Ben Turnbull created captivating collages comprised of fictional superheroes we can all recognize (if we look closely). They were made to commemorate real life heroes, the firemen and policemen that protect us every day.

There have been a wide array of 9/11 tributes in all mediums of art, but Turnbull’s use of vintage comic books from his own childhood is especially engaging. It is aesthetically interesting with its prominent red, white, and blue color palette, evoking a sense of patriotism.

The collages also allude to the idea of real superheroes being hidden amongst us. After all, the fictional superheroes are hidden within these brave men. Police officers and firemen may not wear tights or don a cape, but they do serve and protect us on a daily basis. Turnball even points out that “Superman didn’t fly down to save the falling buildings, there was no Caped Crusader ready to do battle with the arch-enemy and Spidey didn’t spin his web. Without the need of a phone-booth or a revolving door, these true patriots donned their iconic costumes and sacrificed life and limb for what they believed in.”

Supermen – An Exhibition of Heroes” is being exhibited at Eleven Fine Art in London from now till October 22, 2011.
Make sure to check it out.

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