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“Out of the Box” by Truly | Urban Artists
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“Out of the Box” by Truly | Urban Artists

“Out of the Box” is the last anamorphic artwork realized by Truly | Urban Artists.

It was painted in the new Amazon headquarters in Milano. The idea behind this design is to represent global activity, solid and dynamic, while unifying the many layers of a multi-faceted world. A stylized Earth in natural colors refers to a global mindset, aware of boundaries yet in a constant effort to redefine them in a broader sense.

Truly’s anamorphic artwork slowly takes shape from the first encounter between its founders, all graffiti artists active since the late 90’s. Practice in train yards, abandoned factories and suburbs leads to constant experimentation and –  starting from the early naughts – a progressive detachment from purer forms of graffiti and street art.

The collective Truly | Urban Artists now focuses fully on figurative and abstract anamorphic art, a technique known since the early Renaissance. Using perspective, this practice generates surreal 3D images which merge with the surrounding environment. Motivated by a taste for architecture and urban art, Truly enjoy working on the street as much as they do in museums.

Photography by Truly Design

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