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Rainworks | Peregrine Church & Xack Fischer
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Rainworks | Peregrine Church & Xack Fischer

Not a lot of things have the power to dampen your mood just like rain, but American Peregrine Church and his friend Xack Fischer have found a way to cheer up members of the public even when it’s pouring down. Their idea is Rainworks: art on the pavement which is invisible on dry days, but comes to life when rain falls on it.


The pair decided to do this street art simply for the joy of making people smile, and their positive messages and fun images certainly do that. They use a product called Always Dry which is water resistant and lasts for up to a year, but is non-toxic and biodegradable, so doesn’t cause any damage. So far, they’ve painted around the Seattle area, so if you’re going there any time soon, make sure to check out the map on their site and see if you can find some of their work (weather dependant, of course!)


If you want to know exactly how they do it, you can watch a video on the Rainworks site to find out.

Rainworks_feeldesain_01 Rainworks_feeldesain_02 Rainworks_feeldesain_03 Rainworks_feeldesain_04 Rainworks_feeldesain_05 Rainworks_feeldesain_06 Rainworks_feeldesain_07 Rainworks_feeldesain_08 Rainworks_feeldesain_09 Rainworks_feeldesain_10

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