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Analog Memory Desk | Kirsten Camara
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Analog Memory Desk | Kirsten Camara

You know us, we love digital, but we couldn’t help but admire Kirsten Camara‘s creation – it’s essentially a desk with 1,100 metres of paper attached to it, in order for you to store all your analog memories, to look back at at a later date. Camara became a little obsessed with how we remember the past, and most of all with all the things we don’t even try to remember. This desk was the result of that obsession, and the designer believes it may help us to create a new narrative of our life, filled with doodles, phone numbers, sums and little reminders that have now faded to the very back of your mind. Made out of hard maple, butcher paper and a glass panel, the desk is simple, much like the concept behind it.

AnalogMemoryDesk_feeldesain_01 AnalogMemoryDesk_feeldesain_02 AnalogMemoryDesk_feeldesain_03 AnalogMemoryDesk_feeldesain_04

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