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Portrait & Fashion | Stefano Druetta
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Portrait & Fashion | Stefano Druetta


Stefano Druetta Bio : Graduated 2010 with full marks in Graphic & Virtual Design, i’ve met photography as a teenager, thanks to my father and his old OM10. Quite early i’ve put together this new game with the insane curiosity for insects and spiders, discovering the unseen world of macrophotography. March ’06 i participated to a workshop with master Franco Fontana, wich lead me to fall in love with colors, abandoning almost at all b/w photography. Several years later, during fall-winter ’08 i’ve been invited as “home photographer” for a local entertainment agency, covering night clubbing, concerts, parties, events. I finally reached the “human element” wich had always been kind of obstacle for me. February ’09, I moved to southern Spain for a semester in Malaga with an Erasmus Scholarship: here I had the chance to attend proper classes of photojournalism and arts applied to photography, developing new personal projects and increasing both technical and expressive skills.September ’09 I joined Loft Imaginarium as technical assistant, and became Paolo Ranzani’s apprentice. Actually working as a freelance photographer, videomaker and cinematographer, at most with local bands and musicians, fashion designers and creatives of all kinds! Portraiting represent the biggest part of my work.

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