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Playmakers Illustration Series
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Playmakers Illustration Series

A player in football who leads attacks or brings other players on the same side into a position from which they could score. He often plays centrally between the opposition’s defence & attack. He has also been known as a trequartista, regista, enganche, meia-armadror, meia-de-ligação, fantasisti, rifinitore, or false nine depending on cultural origin and/or position. Available HERE.

Playmakers_Baggio_new feeldesain Playmakers_Cruyff feeldesain Playmakers_Franscescoli feeldesain Playmakers_Gullit feeldesain Playmakers_Hagi feeldesain Playmakers_Iniesta feeldesain Playmakers_Maradona feeldesain Playmakers_Messi feeldesain Playmakers_Moreno feeldesain Playmakers_Netzer feeldesain Playmakers_Platini_new feeldesain Playmakers_Totti feeldesain Playmakers_Valderrama feeldesain Playmakers_Xavi feeldesain Playmakers_Zidane_new feeldesain Playmakers Print_final_feeldesain

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