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Imaginary Installations That Play With Perception
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Imaginary Installations That Play With Perception

In the series Pseudo Documentation David DiMichele plays a game with his audience about the perception and reality of installations. He creates huge imaginary installations in which objects are set giving the illusion of large space. The scenes are actually miniature constructions of an installation created by the artist’s intricate hand with a keen eye for detail.

At first glance one would assume that the photographs document a large -scale installation either completed by DiMichele or another artist. They are extensive scenes were materials overpower a white walled space using materials like metal, glass, and hoses that stretch out like tentacles.

The title Pseudo Documentation refers to prints designed as photographs documenting a tangible project, made with great care to lights and details.

It’s a rather clever series because DiMichele addresses that installations can exist on any scale, and can illicit a conversation whether the photographs are real or “pseudo” documentation of the installation.

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