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pentax: lego-style optio NB1000
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pentax: lego-style optio NB1000

japanese imaging company pentax‘s optio NB1000 point and shoot camera has a front panel
which is covered in a lego-like piece compatible with nanoblocks (a construction block system
similar to lego) from japan’s diablock. different sizes of these blocks can be attached to the face of
the camera so that you can personalize it with patterns, mini sculptures. the blocks also have more
than just an aesthetic appeal. they can be used to help capture your images – arrangement around
the lens can form frames for your pictures.

the camera comes in a two versions: a monochromatic black and white version,
or two-tone green and black.

the optio NB1000 is a 14.1, megapixel camera. it has 4X optical zoom, with capabilities of recording
720p video. it is set for sale later this year for about 240 USD.


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