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Pelican books are back with new graphics
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Pelican books are back with new graphics

The much-loved non-fiction imprint of penguin books has been re-launched – five new titles bearing the new updated image of the brand are now available in print and on kindle. the new pelican books identity was directed by jim stoddart, art director at penguin books. notable features include two new pelican marks, (one in flight and one standing) designed by richard green, whose updates reference the previous versions designed first by edward young in 1937 and then redrawn by william grimmond in the 1940s. The familiar shade of blue remains and if anything, has become more prominent as the new covers do away with illustration, reverting back to purely typographical designs as the books had when they were launched in 1937. however, in a break with tradition, there is no more gill sans – the new covers designed by matthew young feature only a customized version of the typeface brandon, ‘brandon pelican’ – which is supplemented by freight text pro on the all new website, also designed by young.

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