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Square Icons Of Food | App style
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Square Icons Of Food | App style

Netherlands-based graphic designer Julian Burford has created square icon graphics of various food products for an upcoming iPhone food app.

Steve Job’s ideology on making icon graphics was that they should look good enough to eat, and it seems graphic designer Julian Burford took that advice literally. He’s taken hamburgers, Oreo cookies, Campbell’s Soup cans, Domino’s Pizza boxes and other food products and made them into glossy square graphics to be used in an upcoming food app for the iPhone. Burford’s creations are so saliva-inducing that users may not be able to handle being teased with such delicious-looking food every time they open up their phones.

Though Julian Burford had to make his icons more angular to satisfy Apple apps icon guidelines, he still managed to convey prominent attributes associated with each product. He also toys with perspective to give his creations an ingenious three-dimensional look.

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