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Peg Lamp | Gagan design
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Peg Lamp | Gagan design

“It doesn’t get any simpler than this. This beautifully hand-crafted table lamp is absolute minimal. Clean modern design makes a beautiful statement sitting on your desk or as an accent in your living space. Natural wood brings warmth into your environment. Custom colored wooden peg fits into the slot to disperse the diffused light at perfect angle. Hand finished with multiple coats of lacquer. This lamp comes with transparent or colored fabric electrical cord. Each lamp is hand made upon order.
This lamp makes for a great gift that’s so unique.” – Gagan Design

il_fullxfull.522344594_6v61 Peg-Lamp-cord1 PegLamp-Cord-11 PegLamp-Cord-21 PegLamp-Cord-31 PegLamp-Cord-41 PegLamp-Cord-51

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