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Party Popper Josie Chair | Mathery
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Party Popper Josie Chair | Mathery

This creative design is by Italian design studio Mathery and is called The Josie Chair. The chair was inspired by and named after the protagonist of 1990 film “Never Been Kissed”, who was always left sitting alone on a chair at parties. Mathery decided to make the party come to Josie in what began as a personal project to explore the idea of empathising with the action of sitting. The chair, made from beech wood, is simple and chunky but just as you sit down, party poppers explode around you, bringing a touch of fun and a burst of colour. Fun!

PoppingJosie_feeldesain_01 PoppingJosie_feeldesain_02 PoppingJosie_feeldesain_03 PoppingJosie_feeldesain_04 PoppingJosie_feeldesain_05 PoppingJosie_feeldesain_06 PoppingJosie_feeldesain_07 PoppingJosie_feeldesain_08 PoppingJosie_feeldesain_09 PoppingJosie_feeldesain_10

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