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Noemie Goudal Photography
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Noemie Goudal Photography

‘promenade’, from the series ‘les amants’ (2010), by noemie goudal
C-type, lightjet print
168 x 198 cm

Paris-born, london-based artist noemie goudal‘s photography is rooted firmly in the creation of what many have coined
‘conception volumique’, a phrase borrowed from design production to refer to site-specific sculptural installations
that render unclear whether it is the location, installation, or image that is the artwork itself. across various photographic series,
goudal frequently works with largescale paper backdrops, juxtaposed closely with the existing landscape and blurring
the bounds of the real and the fictional.

the works themselves have a melancholic, almost nostalgic quality, inviting the viewer into imaginary worlds whose reality
then betrays him: the promise of a waterfall that upon closer look is just plastic sheets; an open port to sea that is ultimately
lodged too firmly in the rafters of an abandoned shed. goudal is also careful to closely integrate the physical space with her
hanging backdrops.

the artist reflects: ‘I wish to offer through my photographs escapes into alternative landscapes where the reconstruction
of new lands is made possible. the journey inside the image will invite the viewer to enter the space as well as entering
the narrative of a ‘make-believe’, bringing him into the game between fiction and reality in which one can identify
the fragility of one’s own desires.

several of goudal’s works are on exhibition through march 30th, 2012, as part of the ‘ristruttura’ (‘restructure’)
group show at project b gallery in milan, italy.via

‘les amants (cascade)’


‘les amants (jetée)’


‘she was’

‘haven her body was (warren)
C-type, lightjet print
168 x 211 cm’

detail view

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