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Passifolia: through a forest of lights
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A dreamlike landscape, both magical and minimal, revealing step by step a feeling of luxuriant nature.

Passifolia is an immersive collective experience that leads visitors into a brand new world of imagination and elegance

Vertical beams of light shape the dark like sun rays through the foliage. Actually these lights are as warm as the sunlight, and give a real feeling of peace and balance. To the touch, these rays widen and activate the sound of birdsong.

An imaginary fauna creates a landscape that is both abstract and exuberant.


Visitors can draw their own path and interact with the space, walk through lights and sounds, feel the warmth on the skin.


Hundreds sounds of birds, squirrels, frogs, recorded in nature, are organized by Chapelier Fou to create the evolutionary melody of a harmonious natural soundscape.

The installation is formed by 16 interactive modules organically set up in space. Every module is composed of a motorised light, an ultra-directional speaker and a sensor system.


This is a project by the French interdisciplinary art collective named Lab212, created exclusively for the launch of Hermès’ Passifolia tableware at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris. 

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