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Niwa plant growing system |
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Niwa plant growing system |

If you have always wanted to grow your own food in your apartment, but does not like the idea of a potentially messy soil-based planter, Niwa may be the answer. Dubbed “the world’s first smartphone-controlled plant growing system”, the Niwa is essentially a micro greenhouse that would fit into small urban homes—using hydroponic technology, it make growing your own vegetable very manageable by creating the ideal environment for your plants by watering and ventilating them.

Niwa also monitors and controls the lighting, heat and humidity to ensure that your plants grow well—for instance, it automatically turns on the light if it senses that the plants have not gotten enough sunlight during the day. Connected to the cloud, Niwa’s dedicated phone app has a feedback loop function that would ask you questions and help you to better care for your plant by giving them exactly what they need. Hassle-free, fun and interactive, this nifty micro greenhouse and its accompanying app would allow you to grow vegetables, herbs, fruits and even tropical plants and flowers in your kitchen, living room or any spare space in your home.

Available in Mini, Standard and Premium, you can receive your very own Niwa plant growing system by pledging for its campaign on Kickstarter.












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