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Nivea Doll | FCB Brazil
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Nivea Doll | FCB Brazil

The summer is here and we’re loving discovering all the new initiatives for staying safe under the sun. The latest one to catch our attention was this initiative developed by NIVEA Sun Kids and FCB Brazil, specially developed to help kids learn about the importance of wearing sunscreen. Children are famous for hating sun cream and parents often have to battle to smear it all over their little ones, but when NIVEA distributed special UV-sensitive dolls on Rio de Janeiro’s beaches, the kids were encouraged to learn about sun care in a fun way. When exposed to sunlight, the dolls’ skin turned bright red, imitating the effect of sunburn. When the children applied sunscreen to the dolls, their skin went back to normal. A super creative way to educate children, using technology and creativity together to encourage safe sunbathing.

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