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News Stand | Denimu
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News Stand | Denimu

This recent installation by British artist Ian Berry, aka Denimu, is further proof of the artist’s love for everything denim. News Stand is a life-sized replica of the average New York street vendor, filled with various magazines, snacks, lottery tickets, and even a postcard rack. But, rather than being constructed out of paper, metal, or cardboard, the entire piece is carefully constructed with hundreds of pieces of discarded denim.

In this unconventional style, Denimu’s viewers will be delightfully surprised by the fresh new approach to installation and sculpture work. From a distance, various shades of the material depict typical light, depth, and shadows, and, upon further investigation, viewers are greeted with layers of detailed texture from each piece of carefully selected fabric.

Schermata 2013-05-13 alle 10.33.21

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