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New Hanging Tents | Tentsile
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New Hanging Tents | Tentsile

Many of us dreamed of building the ultimate treehouse when we were young, but the guys behind Tentsile went one step further and started a company which creates treehouse-style tents for adventurous travellers. Instead of pitching your tent on the ground, you can attach it between three trees and climb up the ladder to your treehouse retreat. In reality, Tentsile products are a combination of a hammock and a tent, meaning that you can stay safe and dry without worrying about uneven ground below you or even about animals and creepy crawlies. We featured Tentsile some time ago, but here are some of their newer products, from one man to six person tents, and even a triangular hammock that can be stacked on top of others to make a multi-layer outdoor living environment. Find out more about Tentsile on their site.

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