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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 66: Argentina
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 66: Argentina

Argentina uses its pavilion at Expo Milano to show its richness and diversity and to explain how it feeds the Argentinian people and the world, as well as working on inclusive and sustainable innovation. Audiovisual resources, simulators, interactive and multisensory systems, cultural events and, of course, food, teach visitors about Argentina’s approach to Feeding the Planet. The architecture is based on a cluster of silos which look like metal gear machinery. Inside, visitors first see a conveyor belt of food products on the ceiling before making their way through the ground floor where they can find refreshment points and live music and dance performances. Upstairs is the main exhibition area, there are various projections of Argentina’s landscape and history, as well as installations and a specially created soundtrack. Some photos of the pavilion can be found below.

ExpoArgentina_feeldesain_01  ExpoArgentina_feeldesain_03ExpoArgentina_feeldesain_02 ExpoArgentina_feeldesain_04 ExpoArgentina_feeldesain_05 ExpoArgentina_feeldesain_06 ExpoArgentina_feeldesain_07 ExpoArgentina_feeldesain_08 ExpoArgentina_feeldesain_09 ExpoArgentina_feeldesain_10 ExpoArgentina_feeldesain_11 ExpoArgentina_feeldesain_12 ExpoArgentina_feeldesain_13

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