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New Google London offices | PENSON
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New Google London offices | PENSON

Google is almost more famous for their incredibly well-designed workspaces than for the work that’s done inside them, and now the Search Engine giants have opened a new HQ in London’s Central Saint Giles development, near Tottenham Court Road. PENSON, the designers also behind other Google spaces, aimed to inject some truly British details into the workspace. The outcome is a wonderfully weird and unique UK headquarters with little hints of Britishness around every corner. The London theme is most visible in the gigantic Routemaster red bus which can be used as a meeting room, and a little Hyde Park with grass, deckchairs, trees and even a little rowing boat. The 160,000 square foot offices include plenty of relaxation spaces as well as quirky meeting rooms (the “padded cell” is our personal fave), an area that looks just like your grandmother’s house, quilted walls with traditionally British fabrics, allotments where employees can tend to their own plants, and even a roof terrace with breathtaking views of the English capital – all with WiFi, naturally. The PENSON founder stated, “It’s all about human beings and that’s it. Think sunken snugs, comfort, fun, comfy slippers, squishy carpets, cushions, daybeds, nice fresh food, gardening, vegetables, health, visual stimulation, relaxation, exercise, fresh air and you’ll get what it’s all about as a HQ.” Check out some pictures of the London headquarters below.

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