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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 9: Monaco
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 9: Monaco

The tiny Principality of Monaco’s Expo 2015 pavilion focuses on cooperation, governance, and education. Designed by Italian architect Enrico Pollini, the structure is made up of a number of freight containers, creating a colourful and creative facade which is, most importantly, a reflection of the small country’s values regarding recycling. The sloping roof is covered in sphagnum – a type of moss that allows cultivation of Mediterranean crops, and there are also vertical gardens, and a rainwater collection system. On the inside of the pavilion – interiors designed by Facts and Fiction – visitors are guided around exhibits raising awareness of some of the most important environmental topics of the modern age. In line with Monaco’s views on reuse and recycling, at the end of Expo, the structure will be taken apart in order to be used by the Red Cross in Burkina Faso as part of an aid project.


Join us tomorrow for Pavilion #10…

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