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Nestrest by Daniel Pouzet & Fred Frety
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Nestrest by Daniel Pouzet & Fred Frety

‘nestrest’ by daniel pouzet and fred frety for dedon
images courtesy of dedon

French designers daniel pouzet and fred frety have created ‘nestrest’ an outdoor pod for contemporary brand, dedon.
the teardrop-shaped object, which sits on the ground or hangs from a tree provides users with a secluded sanctuary
that enwraps the body and shelters those within it. when suspended in the air, the organic module gently sways,
moving with the body or the wind. made from thick woven fibers, the pod – both contemporary and exotic in its aesthetic –
becomes camouflaged with its surrounding natural environment.

‘nestrest’ is on show phillippe starck and jean-marie massaud at dedon’s showroom in zona tortona for milan design week 2011.

hanging pod

multiple pods hang from a tree

standing version

soft cushions and pillows fill the interior volume


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